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Why Choose Us

Company Philosophy

Every employee in our company carries a pocket card that reads, "We pledge to treat every family as if they were our own, and today, your family is our family." We use these pocket cards to train our employees to make the right decisions. We often ask, "If it were your mother, would you have done anything different?"

Roberts Funeral Home and American Cemetery Services is a company whose goal is to provide families with the best possible service and merchandise available, and to have a reputation of being an ethical company throughout those communities. We have been innovators in our industry from the beginning, and are constantly looking for new ways to honor and celebrate those that are so important to the families we serve.

Prearranging cemetery and funeral items before there is a death in the family makes sense. It is a fact that families will spend more after a death occurs, than if they had purchased those items before a terminal illness or death occurs. It is our responsibility to assist our community in understanding the value in prearranging. That is why we offer planning guides and professional consultation services. Please contact us to get started today!

Company History

Our company began in 1961 when J.P. Roberts and his brother Chester Roberts purchased land north of Wooster and started Sherwood Memorial Gardens. They also started Eastlawn Memory Gardens in Brunswick and Hillcrest Memorial Gardens in Wadsworth in the mid-and-late-sixties.

During the 1970's, JP and Chester split their multi-state company, and JP's oldest son, Greg, joined his father in business. JP purchased another cemetery, Wood County Memorial Gardens, in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Two sons, a cemetery, and a funeral home were added in the 1980's. Jeff and Kirk Roberts came to work for their father; Ashland County Memorial Park, one of our most beautiful cemeteries, joined our family; and Ohio's first cemetery/mortuary combination, Roberts Funeral Home – Sherwood Chapel, Wooster, was established.

The 90's brought Alex Roberts, the youngest of the 4 sons, and the addition of our second funeral home/cemetery combination: Roberts Funeral Home – Hillcrest Chapel in Wadsworth. In 1997, J. P. Roberts officially retired and four his sons now own and operate the company.

As we moved into the 2000's, we looked to grow the organization through acquisition and the addition of our third funeral home/cemetery combination, and a crematory. We created American Cemetery Services as the parent company of the cemetery holdings, and in 2001 – 2002 14 cemeteries were added to our family. In addition, Roberts Funeral Home – Ashland Chapel and the Remembrance Cremation Center, our on-site crematory, were established.

With the exciting growth in this decade, each of the four second-generation owners has taken different areas of responsibility. Jeff, a licensed funeral director, works as our Chief Financial Officer and serves our funeral home families. Kirk, also a licensed funeral director, oversees all of the cemetery operations to make certain that all of our cemetery grounds are properly maintained and that our administrative staff are prepared to keep accurate and up-to-date records; and Alex Roberts, a licensed funeral director and embalmer, oversees the funeral home operations to make sure that all of our funeral home families are given the highest level of compassion, unquestioned dignity, and professional service.

What to Do when Death Occurs

  1. After a death has occurred, notify Roberts Funeral Home by calling 330-345-5665 or any of our locations. The following are some questions that we may ask when you call:
    • What is the full name of the deceased?
    • What is the location of the deceased (Hospital, Nursing Facility or Residence)?
    • What is your name, address and telephone number?
    • What is the name, address and phone number of the next-of-kin?
    • Is there a pre-arranged funeral plan? (If yes, what is the plan name or number?)

    We will then set an appointment time for you to come to the funeral home to complete the details of the funeral arrangement. We will ask you to bring in some items and information that will be necessary to complete the arrangement. These items will include:

    • Clothing for the deceased
    • Social security number of the deceased
    • The deceased's birth date and city and state of birth
    • The deceased's parents names, including mother's maiden name
    • Information about the deceased's education
    • Marital status of the deceased
    • Veteran's discharge papers or Claim Number
    • A recent photograph of the deceased
    • Pre-arrangement paperwork (if applicable)
    • Cemetery lot information (if applicable)
  2. Contact your clergy. Decide on a time and place for the funeral or memorial service (the services may be held at the funeral home)
  3. The funeral home will assist you in determining the number of copies of the death certificates that you will need and will order them for you
  4. Make a list of family, friends and business colleagues, and notify each by phone. You may wish to use a "branching" system: make a few phone calls to other relatives or friends and ask each of them to make a phone call or two to specific people
  5. Decide on an appropriate charity to which gifts may be made (church, hospice, library, organization, school)
  6. Gather obituary information, including a photo, age, place of birth, cause of death, occupation, college degrees, memberships held, military service, outstanding work and a list of survivors in the immediate family. Include the time and place of the funeral services. The funeral home will usually write the obituary and submit it to the newspaper(s)
  7. Arrange for family members and/or close friends to take turns answering the door or phone. Keeping a careful record of visitors and flower deliveries will make it easier to thank people later on
  8. If Social Security checks are deposited automatically, notify the bank of the death
  9. Coordinate the food supply in your home for the next several days
  10. Delegate special needs of the household, such as cleaning, food preparation, etc., to friends and family who offer their help
  11. Arrange for child care, if necessary
  12. Arrange hospitality for visiting relatives and friends
  13. Select pallbearers and notify the funeral home. (People with heart or back difficulties may be named honorary pallbearers)
  14. Plan for the disposition of flowers after the funeral (to a church, hospital or rest home)
  15. Prepare a list of distant friends and relatives to be notified by letter and/or printed notice
  16. Prepare a list of people to receive acknowledgments of flowers, calls, etc. Send appropriate acknowledgments, which may be a written note, printed acknowledgments, or both. Include "thank yous" to those who have given their time, as well
  17. Notify insurance companies of the death
  18. Locate the will and notify the lawyer and executor
  19. Carefully check all life and casualty insurance and death benefits, including Social Security, credit union, trade union, fraternal, and military. Check on possible income for survivors from these sources
  20. Check promptly on all debts and installment payments, including credit cards. Some may carry insurance clauses that will cancel them. If there is to be a delay in meeting payments, consult with creditors and ask for more time before the payments are due
  21. If the deceased was living alone, notify the utility companies and landlord and tell the post office where to send the mail
  22. Your Funeral Director will prepare the necessary Social Security forms.


Sherwood Chapel
7067 Cleveland Road
P.O. Box 761
Wooster, OH 44691
Phone: 330-345-5665
Fax: 330-345-8379
See Map

Hillcrest Chapel
9560 Acme Road
Seville, OH 44273
P.O. Box 586
Wadsworth, OH 44282
Phone: 330-334-1204
Fax: 330-334-7104
See Map

Ashland Chapel
1058 Us Highway 250 N
P.O. Box 715
Ashland, OH 44805
Phone: 419-289-8958
Fax: 419-289-9428
See Map

East Lawn Chapel
27880 St. Rt. 7
Marietta, OH 45750
Phone: 740-373-2924
Fax: 740-373-5228
See Map


Personalizing Services

We understand the importance of personalization, which is why we offer a wide choice of personalization services to help make each service as unique as possible.
We encourage your ideas, suggestions, or requests to help us create a true Celebration of Life.

Please feel free to contact us directly or use our convenient online request form for additional information. Our personalization services include:

Timeless Tributes

Timeless Tributes™ are a collection of pictures set to music created to Celebrate a Life allowing families and friends to take a journey through the life of someone they loved.


Thumbies™ are uniquely personal keepsakes meticulously fashioned in precious metals from the unique fingerprint of your loved one.

See Thumbies examples below:

This Life

Memorial Portraits are created by capturing the character of your loved one and combining it with a theme to create a portrait that will keep their memory alive.

See Memorial Portraits examples below:

Celebration of Life Services

We all live our lives with different passions, Life Services pursuits, and beliefs. These aspects of an individual may be one of the focal points for remembering a life well lived, which is why we encourage families to customize memorial, visitation, or funeral services.

To plan something special, just contact one of our staff to share. We'll do our best to meet your needs.


Remembrance Cremation Center

Remembrance Cremation CenterRemembrance Cremation Center is our on-site crematory. Families appreciate the fact that their loved one never leaves our care. Cremation increases the viewing, service, and personalization options. Roberts Funeral Home personalizes all of our services to reflect the uniqueness of each life lived. 

As always, please contact us if you have any questions – we're here to help.

In our area, there is an increasing trend toward viewing and visitations. Viewing options for cremation include:

Cremation provides many options for services prior to or following cremation. We can assist in creating a meaningful event to honor a life lived. A service without the casket present is usually referred to as a Memorial Service. A service with the casket present is referred to as a funeral service. In either case, a service can be referred to a Celebration of Life Service, which simply implies a different focus. Some of these options include:

Following cremation and/or the service, there are several options available. The remains may be:

To make the Funeral Service more meaningful, personalized items may be included. Some personalization options are listed below:

We have several service plans that include many of the most popular personalized items and services.

Remembrance Plan

Privacy Plan

Memorial Plan

Our Cemeteries

The concept of Memorial Gardens started in the late 1920's. The idea of using flush bronze memorials instead of upright tombstones was to serve several purposes.

First, it was designed to give the cemetery a "park like" appearance rather than that of a graveyard. This was done with larger areas of green grass, landscaped common areas and beautiful features.

Second, bronze memorials do not deteriorate since bronze is a semi-precious metal and does not "rust" like other metals. Therefor it is considered permanent memorialization.
Third, since most Memorial Gardens are not operated by cities or townships, they are maintained by a State regulated Perpetual Care fund. That means there will always be funds available to maintain the cemetery long after it has no space available. Unlike government run cemeteries that rely on tax dollars for their care and maintenance.

Most of the cemeteries operated by American Cemetery Services also offer the use of a committal chapel for services held at the cemetery. There is no fee for the use of these chapels unless visitation, full funeral services or other extended services are required.

In addition to committal chapels, 3 of our cemetery locations also have full service funeral homes located on the grounds of the cemetery. This provides a unique benefit for those families choosing to use these facilities.


Description of Available Services


Most of our cemeteries offer the following services and options for burial.


Mausoleum entombment is considered by many people to be the most preferred form of burial. Its many benefits include:

• Only form of above ground burial
• Includes lettering so there is no need for a memorial or tombstone
• Eliminates the need for a vault or outer burial container for the casket
• Decreases the cost of Opening and Closing the space
• The crypt is not taxable
• The Cost is comparable and in most cases less expensive than ground burial

Private Estates

Private mausoleums are regaining popularity in the United States. As the prices of these estates have dropped, more and more families are designing estate areas that reflect their personalities and life styles. The buildings themselves are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The mausoleum is then set in selected areas and landscaped to their specifications to include: trees and plants, paved walkways and patios, unique features, fiber optic landscape and crypt lighting, additional burial spaces, and personalized memorialization.

Ground Burial

Ground burial options vary widely. To complete the burial process there are several items that are needed:

1. The burial space.

2. The vault or outer burial container. The casket is placed inside the vault which is then placed in the space. Vaults are not a requirement of the State but are required by most cemeteries to help prevent the earth from caving in on the casket.

3. Memorial or tombstone. There are hundreds of options available to families when it comes to marking the space of a loved one.

4. Opening Closing. This is the cost of opening the cemetery space, filling the space at the end of the service, removing the flowers within 7 days of the service and reseeding the space. This also includes the cost of the administrative staff. Preparing the Interment Authorization, updating the Master Card, file, garden maps, lot books, history log sheets, filing the burial permit and interment authorization, verifying the space location, ordering the memorial and/or death dates etc.

Lawn Crypts

Only a few of our locations offer Lawn Crypt sections. These are double depth vaults that have been pre-installed in a specific garden of the cemetery. This option is typically less expensive than traditional ground burial since it saves space for the cemetery, uses 1 companion vault rather than 2 individual vaults and accommodates the use of a smaller memorial.


As the use of cremation increases as a form of disposition, our cemeteries offer a wide variety of options for those families. These options include:

• Private and semi-private cremation estates
• Traditional ground burial with specially designed urns and cremation vaults
• Mausoleum niches in a variety of styles and sizes


Regardless of what form of disposition you chose, one of the most important aspects of cemetery arrangements is the option of having those arrangements made ahead of time. The concept of preparing a final resting place in advance has been around for thousands of years. Pre-arranging your cemetery needs is a simple process but contains countless benefits. Not only does it freeze inflation, give you control over your arrangements, eliminate the possibility of emotional overspending, but most importantly relieves your loved ones of the burden of making those arrangements within hours of your death.

All of the options listed above, and many more, are able to be pre-arranged and/or pre-funded. Please contact one of our Family Service Advisors or email us at acs@robertsfuneralhome.com and we will make arrangements for you to receive the information requested.

In addition to pre-arrangement options we also provide the following educational information and programs.

• Legal Will Kits
• Living Will Forms
• Family Record Guides
• Historical Records
• Seminars and Educational Programs for your group, Churches, and schools.

Tour the Grounds

Ashland County Memorial Park
1058 SR 250 North
P.O. Box 715
Ashland, OH 44805

Phone:  419-289-8958
Fax:      419-289-9428
Email:   ashlandmp@robertsgroup.cc


Athens Memory Gardens
7360 Cameron Rd
Athens, OH 45701

Phone:  740-593-5245
Fax:      740-593-7164
Email:   athensmg@robertsgroup.cc

Evergreen Cemetery
Route 339
Belpre, OH 45714

Phone:  740-373-2924
Fax:      740-373-5228
Email:   evergreen@robertsgroup.cc

Eastlawn Memory Gardens
3487 Center Rd, Suite 1A
P.O. Box 566
Brunswick, OH 44212

Phone:  330-273-1363
Fax:      330-273-3533
Email:   emg@robertsgroup.cc

Coshocton County Memory Gardens
25580 State Route 621
Coshocton, OH 43812

Phone:  740-622-7157
Fax:      740-622-3410
Email:   coshmemorygardens@robertsgroup.cc

Crawford County Memory Gardens
Route 30
Crestline, OH 44827

Phone:  419-884-2011
Fax:      419-884-0796
Email:   crawfordmemorygardens@robertsgroup.cc

Ridgecrest Memory Gardens
1926 Saltwell Rd.
P.O. Box 402
Dover, OH 44622

Phone:  330-343-0512
Fax:      330-343-1965
Email:   ridgecrest@robertsgroup.cc

Oak Grove Memorial Park
4108 State Route 42 S
Box 3158
Lexington, OH 44904

Phone:  419-884-2011
Fax:      419-884-0796
Email:   oakgrove@robertsgroup.cc

East Lawn Memorial Park
27880 State Route 7
Marietta, OH 45750-5249

Phone:  740-373-2924
Fax:      740-373-5228
Email:   eastlawn@robertsgroup.cc

Mount Vernon Memorial Gardens
18260 Coshocton Rd
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Phone:  740-392-6766
Fax:      740-393-2603
Email:   memorygardens@robertsgroup.cc

Hillcrest Memorial Gardens
Physical Address
9560 Acme Rd
Seville, OH 44273

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 586
Wadsworth, OH 44282

Phone:  330-334-1204
Fax:      330-334-7104
Email:   hillcrest@robertsgroup.cc

Pineview Memorial Park
4049 Youngstown Rd.
Warren, OH 44484

Phone:  330-369-3186
Fax:      330-369-1679
Email:   pineview@robertsgroup.cc

Fort Steuben Burial Estates
801 Canton Rd.
Wintersville, OH 43953

Phone:  740-266-6101
Fax:      740-264-0808
Email:   fortsteubenburial@robertsgroup.cc

Sherwood Memorial Gardens
7067 Cleveland Rd. N
P.O. Box 761
Wooster, OH 44691

Phone:   330-345-7700
Fax:       330-345-8379
Email:    sherwood@robertsgroup.cc

Benefits of Planning Ahead

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance can offer you and your family a number of benefits:

Emotional Benefits

Financial Benefits

To request more information regarding pre-planning/pre-arrangement, or to begin the pre-planning process, please call us at 330-345-7700. Or, you can complete our easy on-line Pre-arrangement Form now.

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