Cemetery and Cremation Options

Bronze Memorials

Lasting Memories

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The newest in the line of bronze memorialization, Lasting Memories will take your family photos and reproduce them in bronze in collage format to create the background of the memorial. If a picture says a thousand words you can now tell a life story of the ones we love. 

Custom Bronze

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The Custom line offers a wide selection of design options including color cameos, brilliant colors, elegant lettering styles and unique border designs and shapes. These Custom memorials offer unlimited lettering (as will fit), signatures, and emblems and makes each memorial unique.

Classic Bronze

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We still offer our Classic line of memorials for those wanting to match other memorials in the cemetery or if you simply prefer their classic look.

Cremation Inurnment

Pedestal Estate

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This private family estate cremation pedestal can hold up to 8 cremated remains and can be completely customized to reflect the family's lifestyle, hobbies or religious beliefs. Available in a variety of granite colors, these pedestals will be placed in private sections in the cemetery or can even be taken home.

Cremation Bench

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The Cremation Bench Estate is another private family option and will hold up to 4 cremated remains. The bench is made of solid granite, available in many colors, with a bronze niche insert. The niches are then covered with a personalized bronze plaque for names and dates.


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There are many types of semi-private cremation niche units available in many different sizes and configurations. Some have granite fronts while other indoor niches have glass fronts allowing families to display pictures or other trinkets.

In Ground Niche

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For those families wanting or needing a more economical niche unit, these in-ground niche units are placed in specific areas of the cemetery for families to visit and memorialize.

Cremation Urns

Bronze Urn

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of urns available for families to choose from. This is an example of a bronze urn with an etched scene. Names, dates and epitaphs can be added.

Book Urn

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This unique book end urn can be used as a display urn in a glass front niche or at home. The name is etched onto the “binding” of the urn.

Glass Urn

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Here is a simple glass urn that shows some of the many design options available.

Private Estate Mausoleum Entombment

Private Mausoleum

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Private Mausoleum entombment options vary widely and can accommodate up to 12 full size entombments and dozens of cremated remains. These are completely customized with dozens of options to create a personalized estate. This walk-in estate uses locked bronze doors for security with a vestibule area for visitation. There are also many landscape design options accentuating to elegance of these private estate areas.

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The traditional 2 crypt private estate is a simpler and less expensive option for those wanting a private building while reducing the total cost. There are again dozens of design and color options available and will also include many landscape designs.

Community Mausoleum Entombment

Mausoleum Chapel

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Most families find it shocking to learn that in most cases mausoleum entombment is now less expensive than ground burial! The reason comes in the form of shared expenses from hundreds of families sharing in the total construction cost of community mausoleum buildings. The building shown here is a Chapel Mausoleum that combines the serenity of a chapel setting with the dignity of above ground entombment.

Mausoleum Garden

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Some mausoleum buildings only offer crypts that face the outside, these are considered Garden Crypts and can be less expensive and allows families to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the cemetery. Bronze plaques or letters display the names and dates with the option of vases, emblems and cameos.


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There are several vault options to choose from ranging from copper / bronze, steel / stainless steel, concrete and encased or lined concrete. The Aegean is a concrete vault with a polystyrene liner and is also encased in polystyrene. This is one of the heaviest, most durable vaults available. 

Other options are concrete vaults with only the polystyrene liner or a standard concrete with no additional materials. Any vault will perform the necessary function of preventing the earth from caving in on the casket, a vault's main purpose.

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